About Pippa Holt

Former British Vogue stylist, Pippa first started wearing the kaftans when she was living in Houston. Nothing prepared her for the searing Texan heat and she ended up wearing them every day. It takes one month to make each unique kaftan and, due to the way they are hand-crafted, no two are the same.

Naturally dyed cotton thread is woven into cloth using a backstrap loom, an ancient weaving technique that has been used by generations in this community. Head weaver, Felipa has over fifty years’ experience and along with her daughter, Angelica, they create one off pieces following age-old traditions.

Over the last five years other groups of artisans have joined the team - headed up by Monica, Augustina, Juana, Gelasia, Aurelia, Juana and Biridiana and behind them there are approximately 200 artisans behind the brand.

Pippa’s editorial background as an editor at British Vogue, a degree in fashion design combined with her love of travel is very much evident in her collection. Growing up on the beaches of Australia, she was inspired by her grandmother’s style of tropical dressing at her seaside holiday home on The Great Barrier Reef.

"I love the authenticity of these kaftans and how comfortable they are to wear. I call them my holiday heroes: they pack small, work day and night, on a beach, in a city, with or without a belt. They are incredibly versatile."